"Judy is absolutely amazing! My friend Jody recommended me to her. My struggle with acne had been going on for years and was starting to get worse. I was having digestion issues due to the medication I kept getting out on and I decided enough was enough. Birth control didn't seem to make much of a difference either. So when my friend Jody recommended me to Judy I was hoping for what seemed like a miracle. I felt like I'd tried everything but Accutane... No thank you!! Judy is amazing she knew right away once I walked in the door it was coming through my system and needed to be treated from the inside out, what I was eating. And the outside, to help alleviate scarring, etc. I felt comfortable right away knowing she knew her stuff. She's researches and does her homework. She's helped me through the whole process. I'm so thrilled with my clean face. I still have a few very SMALL breakouts but they're manageable and I check in every once in awhile.
I've also recommended her to my friends who have loved her also and how versed she is in what she does.
Thank you Judy!!" - Joy Degen

"It was through my friend's recommendation I have been going to Judy for more than 4 years for waxing and facials.  Judy is very professional and her work area  is very clean and hygienic.  She makes you comfortable and you never feel the pain during waxing. She does amazing facials and afterwards your face is glowing. My friend and I call her Dr. Judy as she is best. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for waxing and facials." Tamanna P

If you are looking for an extremely caring and knowledgable skin professional, you must see Judy, the Skin CEO. She is not only super talented at what she does (pretty much everything from head to toes in relationship to skin:), but what I truly love about her is her direct approach to everything. She tells you what is best for your skin and makes it happen. She never oversells anything and always delivers above and beyond. I have seen Judy for about 20 year now and there is no one else who is allowed to touch my skin! Sari Ratsula

"I don't know where to begin. I've been going to Judy for the passed year and was recommended to her from a friend who has been going to her for couple years now. My First visit for a Brazilian ever was with her and she couldn't have made me feel any more comfortable than she did . She did an amazing job and on top of that asked me some questions about my face because I do have some acne and right off the bat she was advising me to get it checked out. I've always had an amazing experience with her and she's become a friend now. We have talked about a lot of thing whether it be my problems or great advice from her.. I'm pretty thankful for her wonderful work because of course that is a special area to be worked on and you can only imagine who you would want to trust with it .. Not only does she do great waxing jobs but as well as facials she's amazing at! Definitely would recommend everyone to go see her! And If your scared to get a Brazilian anywhere else I'll tell you your in great hands with Judy! She's the best !!!" Osna

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